Maryhill North TRA

This Consultation has now ended

You can view the consultation materials below but will no longer be able to comment on them.

Current North Neighbourhood Masterplan

Since 2021 we have secured funding to employ a team of architects and engineers to develop the masterplan proposals in more detail so they are ready to submit for planning permission.

In December 2023 we consulted the community on changes to the masterplan. This consultation is now closed.  

The key feedback from the consultation in December is that there is a desire to keep Ledgowan Hall. This is the main option shown in our planning application.  
 There are no plans to close the hall.

In our planning application we are still including an option that shows what housing would be built if the hall was no longer in its current location. This has been included in case this happens at some point in the future. If that did happen it is important to show what housing would be built so that it can be considered as part of the wider neighbourhood.

Have a look at the detailed feedback below. 
Have a look at the plans below. These are the plans that will be submitted as part of the planning application.  
If you did not have the chance to provide comments as part of the consultation you can still respond to the formal Glasgow City Council planning process. 

Masterplan that will be submitted for planning approval

Landscape masterplan

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  • Masterplan with Ledgowan Hall in its current location

    Masterplan with Ledgowan Hall in its current location

    Proposed woodland and understory planting

    Existing woodland - Retained and protected where possible

    Existing trees retained and protected

    Proposed trees

    Amenity grass

    Wildflower meadow areas

    Existing vegetation retained

    Shrub/herbaceous planting

    Shrub/herbaceous planting

    Wetland planting

    Resident's private front and back gardens

    Existing housing blocks gardens; refurbished residents' amenity space, lawns and planting

    New asphalt roads and paths

    Paved residential roads and paths

    Asphalt crossings

    Permeable paving to parking bays

    Potential future porous asphalt active travel path

    Resin bound gravel paths

    Play areas with rubber safety surfacing

    Retaining walls (materials vary)

    Brick boundary walls

    Private residential bin storage

    Area of potential development if the hall were to be removed/relocated in the future

  • Masterplan showing potential future option with Ledgowan Hall removed / relocated

    Masterplan showing potential future option with Ledgowan Hall removed / relocated